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Lift Park T Shuttle on Slab

Automatic Parking

Lift Park T – Shuttle on Slab is a parking model wherein cars are moved by an integral-lift carriage. This type is suitable for public and private parking lots of a medium size: up to 80 parking spots. The cycle times tend to be lower than those of the platform models. It can be built below or above ground, with access point above or below the parking levels.

Lift Park T – Shuttle on Slab is an automated parking system characterized by the presence of a central slab in the shuttle area (in blue in the diagram), which, with respect to the Lift Park T – Hanging Shuttle model, allows for a safe zone for maintenance or firefighter access.

The cars are parked on fixed stalls (in green in the diagram). A shuttle (in blue) moves horizontally from floor to floor, positions itself in front of the stall containing the car to be retrieved, moves the integral-lift carriage (in red) from the stall to the shuttle itself, moves onto the elevator (in orange), and ascends to the exit point. The driver may then get into the car and exit the parking facility. The system is now ready for a new operation (this system has reduced cycle times with respect to the platform system because there is no need to wait for the empty platform to reposition itself into the parking stall). Parking takes place in reverse order.

This parking system may be supplemented with optional equipment that rotates the car, allowing for entrance and exit without reversing, or transfers the car from street level to the internal parking levels. The entrance/exit point may be constructed in the traditional manner – within a room in the building – or on the exterior with a retractable roof, which, when closed, restores the flatness of the external surface.

Cars can be parked in a single bay (single-file) as shown in the figure, or in a double or triple bay, optimizing the available space.




  • Recirculation of the pallets from level to level is attained through the movement of a full row (train) of pallets from one elevator to another
  • Only suitable for private parking facilities with limited width
  • Only suitable for pallet system
  • Modular in length as well as height/depth with a minimum of 2 levels and a maximum of 5
  • Only one entry/exit room
  • Direct access on the mechanism
  • Transponder access