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Car Lifts

Car Lifts with and without man on board


Systems of car elevators with and without operators

Our car lifts are planned and designed by our technicians based on the needs of the customer and on the type of structure into which the lift will be installed. The types are the following:

  • Car lift with operator
  • Car lift without operator

The installation and maintenance of these parking lots is carried out by our qualified staff.

Our company designs and installs automated parking systems on the national and international territory, ensuring professional service from qualified personnel.

We produce car elevators with or without roofs, and with or without an operator.

In the elevator system with an operator on board, the driver can stay in his car while it is lifted or lowered into the garage.

In elevator systems for cars retractable cover can be paved by following tones and aesthetics of the building for a great architectural inclusion. The roof of the elevator will be fixed at the same level as the pavement of the courtyard or garden.

Discover the various models of car lift by choosing one from the menu hereunder.

To see some of the types we produce, consult the photo and video section of the site or contact us to see one live.

ascensore per auto con uomo a bordo