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Puzzle Park

Automatic Parking

Puzzle Park is an automated multi-platform parking model suitable for small/medium parking spaces: up to 20 parking spots, commonly used privately but may also be used for public parking needs. It can be built below or above ground, with access point above or below the parking levels.

Cars are parked on platforms (in green in the diagram) powered by in-floor fixed lifts. Its operation is laid out in the diagrams: the driver parks his/her car (1) at the entry point. The main elevator (in orange) descends to a predetermined level and the platform containing the car is transferred to an optional rotating element (blue), which rotates the car to allow for exit without reversing. When a driver wishes to retrieve his/her car (8), the automated parking system moves the car (8) onto the elevator and transfers it to the exit point, where the driver may retrieve it and exit the parking facility without reversing. All cars in the parking facility are moved simultaneously by one position, creating a clockwise (or counterclockwise) rotation. If the car to be retrieved is not on the elevator side, the system circulates the cars until the desired car is brought onto the elevator.

The entrance/exit point may be constructed in the traditional manner – within a room in the building – or on the exterior with a retractable roof, which, when closed, restores the flatness of the external surface.

The platform technology allows for the customization of the parking space, permitting the parking of other vehicles (motorcycles, bicycles, etc.) with the addition of suitable installations.





  • Suitable for large public and private parking needs
  • Underground, above ground, or mixed
  • A variety of mechanisms can be stationed in a large parking lot, with one or more at work in each lane
  • Suitable both for pallets and integral-lift systems
  • Modular both in length and in height/depth
  • Multiple entry/exit rooms can be installed for each lane
  • Direct access to the storage-and-retrieval machine or access via a secondary lift
  • Other options, such as the turntable, can be added to conform the system to the specific project needs
  • Stick transponder access for private use, ticketing system complete with gates and manned and automatic payment stalls for public parking garages.