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All of this has allowed for the construction of highly prestigious public and private parking facilities in many parts of the world. PARKPIÚ's extensive experience in the industry has allowed for the development of products and systems able to solve the most varied of problems encountered in the realization of mechanized parking facilities.

PARKPIÚ possesses the capacity and technical knowledge to handle the entire process, including the technical specifications for installation, in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible.

Our team of industry professionals guarantees presale services that include problem analysis and the selection of the most appropriate products to meet our clients' needs. The special attention devoted to the testing phase is in line with company policy, with the steadfast goal of product quality and reliability.

After-sales services are provided by a home-office team that manages the external assistance network extending throughout the territory, connected via computers in real time, so as to ensure the immediate availability of replacement parts and human resources.

In part, this entails our Customer Service, which ensures both prompt assistance (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and scheduled preventive maintenance.

The IT implements installed at our home office allow for the remote management of facilities and enable the optimization of the services we provide. The combination of these systems with the various types of machinery gives rise to a range of products that is vast, yet based on individual, extensively tested, standardized components.

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Patent PRKT+


The many years of field experience has led PARKPIU to realize and patent a carriage-lifting vehicle, the unique PRKT + of our kind and our booming point. The ability to collaborate with Siemens's professional wireless systems has led us to replace the now cumbersome wired system for sensors.