Automatic parking system and car lifts
Park Più
Arese (MI)

Arese (MI)

For the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese (MI) Parkpiù has manufactured a 21-metre high Lift for vintage cars to facilitate the transport of cars from storage to the exhibition halls. Discover the details of the project.

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Car lift

The project carried out for the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese (MI) involved the manufacture of a car lift able to facilitate the movement of classic cars from storage to the exhibition halls.

The elevator is 21 meters high and is equipped with a robust system able to guarantee the efficiency of the movement and the reliability of the support of the cars. Thanks to the high strength of the overall structure, the elevator perfectly resists to weather and atmospheric agents, a feature of fundamental importance since the elevator is located outside the building.

Even the aesthetic aspect has been treated in detail, so that the structure harmonizes with the architecture and aesthetics of the recently renovated museum building.

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