Automatic parking system and car lifts
Park Più
PRTK+ trolley patent

PRTK+ trolley patent

The PRTK+ trolley is equipped with a state-of-the-art system that simplifies, speeds up and automates car lifting and moving operations.

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The trolley that simplifies and speeds up the lifting of cars by controlling commands with WIFI technology

Parkpiù has patented the PRKT+, a car lift trolley with unique technical features and performance to simplify, speed up and automate system operations as much as possible.

The trolley is equipped with WIFI control technology and consists entirely of small cables to transmit the power and provide the signal to communicate all the information needed to operate it. The trolley also has a single cable for power and is capable of fitting into any car at an extremely low height.  

The trolley's load capacity for the European market is 2,800 kg.

Tailor-made blue trolley for the Chinese market

For the Chinese market Parkpiù has developed a customised trolley with a car lifting speed of 1 m/s.

Tailor-made white trolley for the Middle East market

Parkpiù also produced a version for the Middle Eastern market. For the latter, the system was designed to carry a load of 3,000 kg, taking into account the renowned bulky weight of Arab cars.