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Are car lifts safe?

Are car lifts safe?

A car lift, commonly referred to as a car lift, is a lifting facility that allows cars to be parked conveniently and safely. Find out why.

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Car lifts are a convenient, safe and space-saving parking solution

Of all automated parking systems, the car lift can be considered a safe and efficient solution. Furthermore, it is possible to equip the car lift with a walkable floor (roof), thus obtaining two parking spaces instead of one.

Car lifts are reliable and safe solutions, as before the actual construction, the designers carry out a thorough analysis of the loads that can be supported by the systems based on the transport requirements using state-of-the-art technology.

Parkpiù designs and manufactures car lifts with high safety standards

Are you looking for car lifts for private or commercial use? Parkpiù manufactures installations using quality materials and incorporating advanced features that offer maximum user comfort. In order to offer an impeccable service, Parkpiù builds installations based on the customer's specific requirements, adapting to the space where the car lift system will be placed.

All our car lifts are certified according to current safety standards. Contact us to find out more.

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