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Design and construction of customized automated parking systems

Design and construction of customized automated parking systems

Do you need automated parking? Contact our company: we design and build systems based on your needs, offering you a dedicated technical assistance service.

News / Design and construction of customized automated parking systems

We are able to customize any technical aspect of the project, guaranteeing efficiency and continuous technical assistance

We design automatic parking lots, satisfying any request from our customers.

In particular, we follow the customer from the design phase to the construction of the plant.

Before proceeding with the design, we plan a meeting in which we analyze all the technical requirements, the space available and finally proceed with the design of the most suitable solution. By relying on our company, you will have the certainty that your project will be unique and tailor-made based on the environment in which it is installed.

Once the project is approved, we proceed to the actual construction phase.

A team of professional technicians is involved in the manufacturing phase of the system, using top quality materials and technologies that make the system performant.

Furthermore, after the realization, a dedicated technical assistance service is carried out 24h / 24h 7 days a week, thanks to the remote monitoring of the system. In this way, the technicians will be able to intervene quickly on site to resolve technical faults, restoring the operation of the system.

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