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Parkpiù's PRKT+ trolley conquers not only the European market, but also the Chinese and Middle Eastern markets

The PRKT+ trolley allows any car to be lifted with efficient control via WIFI technology.

Parkpiù has always sought to offer its customers the best in technological innovation and has done so by exploiting all the experience accumulated over the years, especially in terms of system automation.

In order to enhance its own reality and raise the standards of production to the highest level, Parkpiù has decided to patent the PRKT+, a car lift trolley with unique and exclusive technical functions and performance.

Technical characteristics of the trolley

The trolley meets a variety of technical requirements. Firstly, it eliminates the cumbersome cabling system and simplifies and speeds up the operations that can be carried out using it.

Secondly, the trolley has been designed to offer our customers maximum technological efficiency with a state-of-the-art automation system.

The trolley is equipped with innovative WIFI control technology that allows all system operations to be controlled. In addition, the system's cables are very small and are used to transmit the power and provide the signal through which all the information needed to control it can be communicated. The system has only one cable for the power supply and is designed to fit into any car at an extremely low height.  

The trolley has been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of any type of customer: listening to our customers' requests is the starting point we always rely on to create highly efficient customised design solutions.

This is why Parkpiù has designed and produced an additional version for vans with a load capacity of 3,500 kg.

The blue trolley tailor-made for the Chinese market

In addition to the version for the European market, Parkpiù has also developed a customised trolley for the Chinese market. Specifically, the trolley is blue in colour and features a car lift system speed of 1 m/s.

The customised white cart for the Middle East market

On the other hand, based on the specific needs of the Middle Eastern market, the trolley has been designed with features that meet the load capacity requirements of Arab cars, which are commonly recognised for their bulky weight. By way of example, it should be remembered that SUVs in the Middle Eastern market are actually heavier than cars in the European market.  

Thus, while a 2,800 kg load capacity cart has been created for the European market, the capacity for the Middle Eastern market is 3,000 kg.

Read more about the details of the PRTK+ patent.