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Car lifts: discover our innovative solutions

Car lifts: discover our innovative solutions

Car lifts: learn more about the characteristics of the types with driver and without driver on board.

News / Car lifts: discover our innovative solutions

We design and implement innovative solutions for every functional and architectural need.

We have been operating since 1997 in the national and international market of customized automated car parks and, in particular, we are specialized in the design and installation of customized car lifts.

Based on the customer's needs, we design and manufacture lifts for cars with driver on board and without driver.

We provide our customers with highly qualified staff, who are constantly updated to offer a professional and excellent service.

Before working on the project, our engineers and technicians evaluate the type of structure in which the system will be installed and for the retractable systems will be provided a flooring aesthetically aligned with the architectural style of the building. In addition, the car lift cover will be fixed at the same level as the floor of the environment in which the installation will be carried out. 

Car lifts with and without driver: what are the differences?

The two types of car lifts that differ from each other for the presence or absence of the driver on board, have different functionalities.

In the system that provides for the presence of the driver, the latter can comfortably remain inside the car, while the system is being moved.

On the contrary, the type that does not require the presence of the driver is characterized by an automated system that allows you to lift and lower the car between one floor and the other, according to your needs. The system, therefore, must not be operated inside the car.

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