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Parkpiù modernises company offices

Parkpiù modernises company offices

Parkpiù has modernised all the company offices, providing them with new furniture and new colours, creating a welcoming and more comfortable environment for all staff.

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Modernisation of the Parkpiù offices

Parkpiù has always valued the work spaces of its employees because the workplace must also be a place of well-being for those who work there and not just a space dedicated to the productive aspect.

Recently, in fact, it wanted to modernise the offices and all the company spaces so that the technical and sales teams could do their work in a better and more productive environment.  

Parkpiù wanted to reorganise and modernise the various company departments, providing them with new furniture and modifying the layout of some of the accessories inside, with the aim, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, of making all the workspaces as functional as possible.

Parkpiù is a company that focuses on the wellbeing of its employees, as it firmly believes that a well-organised and well-maintained workspace can influence the productivity levels of its workers.


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