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Banca Passadore: revamping the historic car park

Banca Passadore: revamping the historic car park

Parkpiù is carrying out a new revamping project that will involve the construction of a new automatic parking system for Banca Passadore in Genoa. Find out what it consists of.

News / Banca Passadore: revamping the historic car park

Parkpiù's revamping project modernises the old Banca Passadore car park in Genoa

Once again, Parkpiù was able to meet the customer's needs in the most appropriate way, proposing a tailor-made solution aimed at maximising system performance. 

Specifically, Parkpiù is carrying out a revamp for Banca Passadore in Genoa, a renovation work carried out on the bank's historic car park, which dates back to 1969. 

The entire system will include 100 parking spaces and will feature a stacker crane, a machine that allows the simultaneous combination of moving and lifting movements of the cars. 

In addition, this new high-performance automated parking system will include the PRKT+ trolley, patented by Parkpiù, for the safe, fast and reliable lifting of cars.  

The car park is intended for the customers of the historic Banca Passadore and will be equipped with technology that will allow number plates to be read and traced using a special ticket.  However, should the user lose the ticket showing the position of his car, it will be possible to recover the car with the help of an operator, who will use the number plate reference to find the parking space occupied.  

This important project has given Parkpiù the opportunity to demonstrate that it has all the technical knowledge and professionalism to propose cutting-edge technological solutions that meet the highest standards.  

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