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Car lift maintenance Parkpiù

Car lift maintenance Parkpiù

Car lift maintenance: with Parkpiù, you keep your system in conformity with the law and ensure that it functions optimally.

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To ensure that car lifts comply with the law and function properly Parkpiù offers various types of maintenance work

By law, car lifts must undergo routine and extraordinary maintenance. Parkpiù has specialised in offering maintenance services for car lifts of all types since 1997.

In particular, Parkpiù offers ordinary maintenance services, implementing all the necessary measures and precautions to prevent faults and malfunctions and optimise system performance.

Routine maintenance must be performed to ensure the correct and safe operation of the systems and is carried out regularly to check the functioning of all components.

Moreover, in order to guarantee more efficient and, above all, faster control, Parkpiù carries out a constant check on the systems 7/7 h and 24/24 h to intervene promptly to resolve sudden faults. 

Checks and maintenance operations are compulsory and highly recommended for several reasons, because regular and correct maintenance keeps safety, comfort and efficiency levels high.

In addition, maintenance increases the life cycle of the system and saves money because a system that works consumes less and lasts longer.

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