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What are the parts that make up an automated car park?

Automated car parks have an entrance / exit room and a parking area

An automated car park consists of one or more entry / exit rooms and a parking area. In this article we explain in detail what the entrance / exit room and the parking area consist of.

Automated car parks have an entrance / exit room where the user leaves or retrieves the car, while a set of sensors measures the size, weight and position of the car to avoid damage during handling.

The maneuvers for parking the car take place through a remote control and a transponder. The system then associates the car with the transponder code and the parking space.

In addition, the entrance / exit room can be inside a building or in an external area. In this case, the room is equipped with a retractable roof that allows, after parking, to restore the paved surface of the area where it was installed.

The parking area, on the other hand, represents the area where cars are automatically deposited and can be above ground or underground. La struttura di parcheggio delle auto è integrata nella struttura dell’edificio a cui è destinato il sistema di parcheggio automatizzato e può essere costruita in cemento armato o acciaio.

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